This is the set of features that make a paper easily workable in paper converting departments. These characteristics are linked to the physical and mechanical properties of the paper.


It is a family of fully biodegradable and compostable bioplastics with which solutions and products having a low environmental impact are made. Lucart was the first company in the world to use this material for the packaging of EcoLucart recycled paper hygiene products in 1997.

MG (Machine Glazed) paper

Paper made using paper for recycling, virgin fibre or a mix of the two as raw material and intended for other paper-converting industries for making bags, gift wrapping paper, paper laminated with polyethylene or aluminium, tablecloths and other types of packaging.

MG paper

It is a very light, thin and usually translucent type of paper used for packaging and artwork.



This is the first step in the actual paper converting process and consists in optimally homogenising the fibrous raw materials with other non-fibrous materials.

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