Paper made with long-virgin fibre “fluff” with a production process that does not involve the use of water to bond the fibres. The paper thereby obtained is particularly resistant, absorbent and it can be used several times. The jumbo reels are sent to the paper converting departments of the group to be transformed into napkins, tablecloths, kitchen towels and wipers and to other paper converting companies to be used in the production of sanitary napkins/diapers, wet wipes and special packaging.


A brand that identifies the homogeneous material composed of polyethylene and aluminium deriving from the recycling of beverage cartons, such as Tetra Pak®, with which other industries manufacture products for multiple purposes.

Away from Home

The Away from Home market of tissue and airlaid products concerns all consumption outside the home, i.e. hospitals, canteens, industries, schools, cleaning companies, restaurants, hotels, etc. The main product families in this market are paper towels (rolls and folded), wipers, toilet paper, medical sheets, napkins and tablecloths.

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