We share a sustainable vision of
the world

We are the ambassadors of a sustainable way of producing paper, through a systemic
approach aimed at optimising the use of raw materials and reducing waste by transforming them into new resources.
We apply production and business models inspired by the principles of the circular
economy to protect people and contribute to the future of the planet.









Our goal is to create value for all our stakeholders.

We encourage true partnerships with our suppliers, customers and associations.
In fact, a continuous and long-lasting partnership is essential to develop new innovative and sustainable solutions.
Sustainable raw materials
We carefully select the raw materials by preferably using recovered fibres and cellulose from supply chains managed according to recognised sustainability criteria.
We self-produce most of the energy and heat used in the production process with highly efficient methane gas cogeneration turbines and by preferring alternative energy sources.
Integrated management systems
We guarantee quality, hygiene, respect for the environment and worker safety by implementing a culture of continuous improvement and adopting integrated management systems.
Education and research
We bring the culture of sustainability into schools
because we believe that it can ensure the development of a sustainable society.Our products must inspire consumers to adopt a conscious, sustainable lifestyle.We support universities and scientific research.
Sustainable mobility
We foster sustainable mobility solutions, such as rail transport of both raw materials and finished products whenever possible.
Guaranteed products
We follow the procedures set out in our management systems to ensure the quality, safety and suitability for use of our products for customers and end users.
Waste reduction
We reduce waste to the minimum and reuse production waste with cutting-edge solutions.

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