Natural Project: the circular innovation that creates value.

We launched the Natural Project, in collaboration with Tetra Pak®, a virtuous and award-winning circular economy endeavour, which is the evolution of paper from the recycled Tetra Pak® beverage cartons, in 2010.

Through a technologically innovative production process and without the use of substances harmful to humans or environment, the beverage cartons are separated into their basic components, specifically cellulose fibres, polyethylene and aluminium. From cellulose fibres, we obtain Fiberpack®, the raw material we use to make paper products with superior performance, which are EU Ecolabel and FSC Recycled certified. From aluminium and polyethylene, we get Al.Pe.®, a material used to make paper dispensing systems, pallets for transporting goods and other commonly used products, all of which are recycled that can be recycled again at the end of their life.

In the 2013-2019 period, and considering the tonnes of Fiberpack® paper produced, Lucart has contributed to:

All Natural products have the Fiberpack® logo that identifies raw material made using recycled cellulose fibres from beverage cartons.

By choosing products made of Fiberpack® you share our commitment to achieving the following human well-being and environmental protection goals that are part of the 2030 global sustainable development agenda:

The Natural Project has received the following prizes and awards:

  • Non sprecare 2015

  • Sodalitas Social Awards 2016

  • Ecolabel EU 2017

  • European Paper Recycling Award 2017

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