17 October 2017

Six Kadant Lamort BoosTEK™ units installed

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Given the success the BoosTEKTM Performance Pack at the Laval Sur Vologne paper mill, we decided to expand this innovative technology with five more Kadant Lamort units to enhance the performance of our slot screening systems installed in the other plants of the Group.

BoosTEKTM uses the pressure-flow energy to amplify the disintegration of the fibre panel that forms at the basket, potentially clogging it. This unique technology substantially increases the performance of the screen, increasing capacity, contaminant removal and clean fibre yield.

Alain Lascar, Director of Technology and Marketing at Kadant Lamort, declared:

"The savings achieved are significant, making this line upgrade very cost-effective, with a quick return on investment. "We have achieved up to 40% reduction in energy consumption or up to 65% recovery of fibre according to the area where the operation is focused. 

"We are pleased to announce our collaboration with Kadant", confirmed Franco Pasquini, Engineering Director of Lucart. "The technological progress and new ideas developed together are in line with the Lucart philosophy, particularly with regards to energy savings and waste reduction, while respecting the highest quality standards, which is the ultimate goal of the Lucart recycled fibre products."

The installation can be carried out on the infeed material and the waste of any screen achieving gains in terms of quality and quantity alike.
BoosTEK technology makes it possible to react intelligently to the needs of the screen on which it is applied, optimising the flow of pulp to maximise performance and production.
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