24 May 2017

Lucart at the 2017 edition of Pulire

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Can a recycled paper product be put in a dispenser made from recycled materials? From today it can. This is the successful case history presented at the 2017 edition of Pulire, the largest professional cleaning fair in Italy, one of the main sector events worldwide, in Verona from 23rd to 25th May.

In the Natural line, the innovative and sustainable project launched in collaboration with Tetra Pak®, we can recycle 100% of the components of beverage cartons. We allocate 74% of the cellulose fibres to the production of recycled paper products and the remaining 26%, composed of 22% polyethylene and 4% aluminium, are used to make Al.Pe.®, a recycled material destined to industries that produce manufactured products for the building industry, urban furniture elements and everyday objects. This material was used to make a complete range of washroom dispensers, pairing the concept of sustainability with the most requested advantages of the market, such as easy handling, design and reliability.
An important objective was achieved in this manner, specifically to offer a superior quality product made of recycled paper in a dispenser made from recycled materials, thus creating a real example of the circular economy of beverage cartons.

"Circular economy, the future of production, consumption and the entire life cycle. A challenge for businesses and the community" was the title of the conference, promoted by Afidamp (Association of Italian Manufacturers and Distributors of Machinery, Products and Tools for Professional Cleaning and Environmental Hygiene), with the participation of Lucart with a speech by Francesco Pasquini, Sales and Marketing Director of the Lucart Away from Home Business Unit.
"We wanted to bring a concrete example of sustainable innovation through solutions that stand out for originality and effectiveness. Two product ranges are made from two innovative raw materials, which by combining into a single system are able to transfer the sustainability of the Lucart Professional brand into the daily business practice of customers in the Away from Home market", said Francesco Pasquini, Sales and Marketing Director of Lucart Away from Home Business Unit.

With this sustainable and innovative project, Lucart was selected by Ecolabel, that which today celebrates its first 25 years at European level as the winner of the Ecolabel award in the scope of the second edition of the EU national Ecolabel award. The EU Ecolabel distinguishes products and services that, while guaranteeing high-performance standards, are characterised by a reduced environmental impact throughout their entire life cycle.

Lucart Professional has received this prestigious award for category B, dedicated to the most innovative products and/or services from an environmental point of view, in terms of design, use or initiatives.
"We are very proud to receive this prestigious award that recognises our determination to pursue the circular business model. Not by chance, in 1998 we were the first Italian company to obtain the Ecolabel certification and therefore to believe that the sustainability of a product must be assessed by taking its entire lifecycle into account", said Guido Pasquini, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer of Lucart. "We hope that the Ecolabel certification is increasingly a reference point for this type of economy.
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