18 May 2018

MEP Simona Bonafè in Diecimo

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Simona Bonafè, Member of the European Parliament for the Democratic Party, a full member of the Committee on the Environment in Brussels, and rapporteur of the package of measures on the circular economy, visited the Lucart plant in Diecimo. Simona Bonafè was in Lucca on the occasion of the conference "The circular economy - A business opportunity for businesses", organised by the city authorities in collaboration with the Chamber of Commerce.

Several local politicians accompanied the MEP on her visit: Valentina Mercanti, Councillor for Productive Activities, Economic Development and EU Policies of the Municipality of Lucca, Raffaella Mariani, former Democratic Party MP and Patrizio Andreuccetti, Mayor of the Municipality of Borgo a Mozzano.

The visit focused, in particular, on the Tetra Pak® recycling plant that the company uses to produce Fiberpack®, the raw material obtained from the recycling of beverage cartons with which the company makes high-quality paper products and EU Ecolabel certified. Strong of this project, that has enabled Lucart to recover more than 3.6 billion beverage cartons since 2013, the Group fits perfectly into the circular economic development framework designed by Brussels and the new directives on the topic.

“Today’s visit to a company like Lucart, especially a few months following its recognition by Europe for the Natural Project, shows, if more proof were needed, that circular economy is a reality that far-sighted entrepreneurs have been implementing for years", declared Democratic Party MEP Simona Bonafè. “Here, the circular economy is at home, thanks to innovation, design and use of waste, through correct disposal all the way to its conversion into secondary raw materials and protection of the environment. These are the watchwords of the four Directives on the circular economy recently approved by the European Parliament, which also set new targets for the recycling of paper packaging of 75% in 2025 and 85% in 2030 and strengthened separate collection to allow the treatment of high-quality paper waste. As rapporteur, I can say that the negotiations with the individual member states have not been easy but, in the end, the objective has been achieved. They now have two years to transpose them by means of implementing decrees which, I hope, will make it possible to implement them quickly and easily."

"We are very pleased to have been visited by the MEP Simona Bonafè and I wish to thank her on behalf of the entire company. Her visit was an important confirmation of our attention to the environment and innovation", commented Massimo Pasquini, CEO of Lucart. "This meeting has brought to light, even more, the need for the circular economy, towards which we are increasingly oriented, to become an object of attention by European policy and, in particular, in Italy. Doing one's part in this context is not enough. Laws are needed really and effectively stimulate the development of the economy. We are ready to move forward on this path and we hope that our regulations will also go in the same direction as the rest of Europe, towards a common goal, i.e. that of sustainability" 
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