15 May 2018

Lucart Professional, sustainability can be seen

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A combination of innovative solutions and practical sustainability aimed at profitable and effective solutions to reduce the impact on our planet.
Lucart Professional presented the EcoNatural circular economy project at INTERCLEAN 2018 in Amsterdam to transform used beverage containers into two new raw materials for making tissue paper and dispensing solutions. AquaStream is the range of tissue products that dissolve in seconds, Identity is the perfect combination of style and efficiency made with low-consumption processes and is a full range of dispensers and papers ideal for any environment, L-One is a single sheet dispensing system with particular focus on the foodservice world, Airtech is airlaid paper that multiplies performance and FATO is the tableware brand that conveys style, elegance and design.
With Lucart Professional your business can make the difference towards sustainable innovation.

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