29 May 2018

Private Label, Lucart in Amsterdam for PLMA 2018

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We were back at PLMA, the international event organized by the Private Label Manufacturers Association and dedicated to the world of private labels in 2018. Our presence was characterised by the key concepts of innovation, sustainability and quality, the pillars that make us the ideal partner for European distribution.

Innovation, represented by products such as Tenderly "Carezza di Latte", the itemthat pairs the characteristic softness of Tenderly products with the innovation of Qmilk natural milk fibres, obtained without the use of chemical elements that guarantee a 100% natural, dermatologically-tested, very soft and highly resistant formulation. Qmilk fibres are made from renewable raw materials and milk not suitable for use as food. They have a CO2 level lower than any other fibre and are made through a sustainable, energy-saving, zero-waste process, in line with Lucart sustainability corporate policy.

Sustainability, which is embodied in Fiberpack® products, the material obtained from the recovery of cellulose fibres present in Tetra Pak® type beverage cartons, the result of the virtuous and award-winning project created in collaboration with Tetra Pak®. From just one of these containers it is possible to obtain 74% of cellulose fibres, as well as 22% of polyethylene and 4% of aluminium, recovering 100% of the components. Expressed in numbers, the project achieved important results in just 5 years: over 3.6 billion 1-litre beverage cartons recovered with a saving of over 1.6 million trees and 93,800 tonnes of CO2.

Quality, expressed in exemplary fashion in Airlaid products made using a technology through which cellulose fibres never come into contact with water during the production process and are subject to a treatment that gives an exclusive resistance to the final product, even when it is soaked wet. With this process, the fibres form a very strong dam-like structure which allows every single piece to be reused several times, both wet and dry, for numerous applications. This technology is used to make products like Tutto Pannocarta, Tutto Pannocarta is an effective 3-in-1 product. It is a cloth, a sponge and a sheet of paper and it is six-times stronger than regular kitchen rolls.
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