05 April 2022

Lucart joins the Kyoto Club

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Lucart joins the Kyoto Club, a non-profit organisation of companies, organisations, associations and local authorities committed to achieving the greenhouse gas emission reduction goals set by the Kyoto Protocol, the EU decisions and the Paris Agreement of December 2015.

We chose to start our affiliation with Kyoto Club because we embrace the goals of the organisation and are convinced of the importance of informing as many people as possible about the best ways to preserve and defend nature, and reduce energy consumption", commented Tommaso De Luca, Corporate Communication Manager of Lucart.

The Kyoto Club promotes awareness-raising, information and training activities on energy efficiency, use of renewable sources, waste reduction and proper management, sustainable agriculture and mobility to favour the concepts of bio, green and circular economy.

These are just some examples of the organisation's green commitment and mission that expresses values that Lucart fully shares.

For more information on the Kyoto Club, click here.
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