30 September 2016

Lucart wins the Sodalitas Social Award

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Lucart won the special "Best in Class" prize in the 14th edition of the "Sodalitas Social Award" for the results achieved by the Natural project and for meeting expectations of growth, sustainability, innovation and inclusion.
The award ceremony took place on Friday 30 September 2016 at Palazzo Mezzanotte in Milan, in the presence of numerous authorities, and the prize was given to Guido Pasquini, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer of Lucart.

This award is a further confirmation of the commitment of the Group to adopt development models that respect human rights, the regenerative capacity of the Earth and the well-being of communities. With the Natural project, Lucart succeeded in transforming the disposal of Tetra Pak® type beverage containers into a real circular business model, reusing all components and avoiding the dispersion of containers in landfills, with considerable environmental and social benefits.

The Sodalitas Social Award 2016 recognised the commitment of companies, institutions and organisations to take on a clear leadership oriented to "changing the paradigm to achieve a sustainable future", which was the theme of this edition. A multi-stakeholder panel chaired by Franco Anelli, dean of the Catholic University of Milan, evaluated innovative capacity and impact based on the criteria of the EFQM Model for Excellence (European Foundation for Quality Management). Established in 2003 to acknowledge best practices in Corporate Sustainability, the Sodalitas Social Award is recognised as one of the initiatives that during recent years has contributed the most to disseminating the culture of Corporate Sustainability and its integration into corporate strategies.


*Source: United Nations Environment Programme, Report 2011: Towards a Green Economy
** Source: European Union Life Cycle Database (ELCD)   
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