11 January 2017

Laval sur Vologne, the rebuilding of a paper machine

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In January 2017, the PM10 paper machine was successfully started up at the French plant in Laval sur Vologne, following a significant reconstruction by Toscotec, a company active worldwide in the supply of the major paper mills, in particular in the tissue sector. The operation upped the speed of the machine from the current 1300 mpm to 1600 mpm for the production of high-quality tissue paper from virgin or recycled fibres.

The Toscotec supply involved the modification of the felt and wire sections, a new 12-foot diameter Yankee cylinder with respective steam supply, condensate extraction system and a new broke pulper under the machine. Lucart availed of the assistance of Toscotec in all steps of the job, from design to start-up. The new steel Yankee cylinder replaced the old cast iron one. The increased evaporation capacity increased the production one and the insulation of the heads has allowed further savings on steam consumption.

Toscotec had already supplied a suction press (diameter 1045 mm) in 2010. Lucart decided to continue to cooperate with Toscotec finding in the technology offered the right solution for its needs as a leading tissue paper producer.

"This investment is a strategic step to bolster our presence in Central Europe and is part of an integrated strategy to reduce energy consumption in our paper production process", said Massimo Pasquini, CEO of Lucart.
"We are happy to continue to support Lucart. Our technology is the right partner for the Lucart Mission which defines continuous innovation, overall product quality, respect for the environment and total customer orientation as core values. It is the same mission that has clearly inspired Toscotec since its foundation", declared Riccardo Gennai of Toscotec S.p.A.
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