31 October 2019

Inklusivity, colour the world of inclusion. Tenderly launches the art contest for aspiring cartoonists, illustrators, animators and video makers at Lucca Comics 2019

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The Lucart Group brand Tenderly will be launching the Inklusivity context for the second time at Lucca Comics & Games, the biggest comics fair in Italy that will take place from October 30 to November 3, 2019.

The contest with the subtitle "colour the world of inclusion" will be presented to the public on the occasion of the talk on Sunday, November 3rd at noon , at the Sala Incontri and Teatro di Lucca Junior in Piazza del Collegio 13, with the participation of the famed illustrator Fraffrog (Francesca Presentini), who will explain the idea, the objectives and the rules.

The invitation is to aspiring cartoonists, illustrators, animators and video makers who want to give free rein to their creativity through images. The contest aims at being a sounding board against all forms of discrimination and racism. Tenderly calls for creative people to become spokespeople of a message of inclusion, solidarity and reception through their works. For Tenderly diversity is a value and as such it must be protected. The idea is to tell topical issues, integration and exchanges through comic strips, illustrations, animations or short videos to disseminate and raise awareness of the culture of inclusion in all areas of society, fostering it as a common heritage to be held high by everyone.

Inklusivity also means being able to become part of a professional circle and since it is not easy to establish oneself as an illustrator, Tenderly is rewarding the authors of the projects with professional equipment and training courses at the "Scuola Comics" school. This is a genuinely important opportunity for anyone who wants to make a dream come true.

Signing up is very simple. Participants will have to register on the dedicated landing page (which will be active from December 1st) and will be able to submit up to of two works in progress from December 1st, 2019. They will receive useful feedback to improve them from the Comics School.

The teachers of the school, as well as artists and influencers, will publish video spots providing suggestions and advice to participants on how to continue the work, how to develop it and what needs more attention. Each video will focus on inclusivity for the development of the work and the teachers will also tell their personal point of view sharing a personal experience or opinion on the issue and the way it has touched their sensitivity and their life. The final projects must be submitted by September 2020.

Tenderly will continue to support participants by publishing the most significant content on social network channels.

A jury of experts formed by the teachers of the Comics School will decide the winners of each category that will be awarded at Lucca Comics & Games 2020.

Fraffrog and Wallie (another prominent illustrator) will invite the public to leave their mark on a graphic tablet during the event at the Tenderly stand. The result will be a collective work that will contain the essence of the inclusion theme. This creation will also be posted on the Tenderly social network channels to show the concept developed from the first sketch to completion.

Furthermore, Tenderly will be present with three Family Corners equipped with nappy changing stations, nursing stations and utilities for preparing and warming meals for the babies. The Family Corners will be located in the main areas of the event: Comics (Agora), Games (Pavillion Carducci) and in the Family Palace area (Casermetta San Frediano).
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