19 May 2021

Lucart with the University of Basilicata to bring young people closer to the employment world

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For years Lucart has been working with schools and universities to foster the development of skills required by the labour market and the integration of young people into the local production network. To crown the partnership started in 2017 with the University of Basilicata, PhD student Nicola Ciarfaglia was hired at the Avigliano plant.

Nicola will join the Quality, Environment and Safety department after completing an industrial PhD entitled “Development of environmentally sustainable methodologies for innovative materials inspired by cellulose fibres”. He will be able to continue his research in the development of more environment-friendly and sustainable materials in line with the company's vision in Avigliano.

"The synergy between the worlds of universities and business is of strategic importance for the country's innovation and development”, said Saverio Sarubbo, Director of the Avigliano plant"We firmly believe that an ongoing dialogue with the local community can have positive effects for the industrial ecosystem as a whole. For this reason, we are constantly engaged in research and development activities with international suppliers and local authorities".


The PhD, funded by the by Basilicata Region in an ad-hoc consortium with the “Adolfo Zambelli” Department of Chemistry and Biology of the University of Salerno, involved the Avigliano plant and the Department of Chemistry of the University of Basilicata in the research of new binders, laboratory-scale tests and industrial testing.

Inspired by Green Chemistry principles, the study was based on the search for biopolymers and substances of natural origin suited for use as crosslinkers in the airlaid process in the Avigliano plant, to increase the biodegradability and compostability of the paper without compromising the properties of the end product in terms of tensile strength and physical characteristics (specifically absorbency, softness, colour, odour).
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