04 November 2022

Lucart takes part in Ecomondo 2022

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Lucart takes part in Ecomondo 2022. From November 8 to 11, the paper group from Lucca will be present at the 25th edition of the Ecomondo Fair in Rimini, the reference event in Europe and the Mediterranean for ecological transition, circular and regenerative economy.
This year Lucart's booth (hall B3 stand 015) will be dedicated to the circular economy and the EcoNatural project. A special event is also planned for Thursday, November 10, at 3 p.m., during which the Green Heroes of Alessandro Gassmann and the Kyoto Club will present the project "Produrre futuro con i piedi a terra – la green economy che cresce con i progetti di sostenibilità sociale".

The initiative involves the city of San Giuseppe Jato in the province of Palermo, where the first urban park will be built on land confiscated from the Mafia, named after little Giuseppe Di Matteo, a very young victim of organized crime. The park is the brainchild of the three current commissioners of the municipal administration Esther Mammano, Federica Nicolosi, and Susanna Conte and will see the light within a few weeks thanks to the contribution of 18 heroes: Alisea, Andriani, Arte Agricola, AzzeroCO2, Bikesquare, Consorzio CIC, ÈNostra, Cooperativa Felici da matti, Gees Recylcing, Lucart, Negozio Leggero, Officina Naturale, Palm, Piante Faro, Power Cruise Control, Studio Fieschi, Sumus Italia, and Teon.
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