13 January 2023

Lucart celebrates 70 years with Nicolò Canova’s art

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Lucart turns 70. The Group, which started as Cartiera Lucchese founded by the Pasquini brothers in 1953 and is now present worldwide, has chosen to celebrate this important milestone with Nicolò Canova’s art.  

The project 

The Turin-based creative artist created twelve illustrations, one for each month of the year, to celebrate Lucart's anniversary. The calendar tells about the company's history and values, from the origins of the papermaking technological tradition to the attention to ethics and environmental sustainability expressed over the years by the Group and always with an eye to the future. 

"Paper is not just a product. It is the starting point of a continuous path of improvement and evolution, as a company and as a family," commented Nicolò Canova. "The various products become an imaginary window to travel through its past, present and future".