23 December 2020

New year, new Lucart calendar!

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Lucart reveals the 2021 corporate calendar.

Lucart is continuing in the steps of tradition and is launching the corporate calendar that will accompany employees and stakeholders throughout 2021 for the fifth year running.

The calendar is created by Lucio Schiavon, illustrator and graphic designer who drew 12 exclusive images directly on Lucart products, one for each month. "It has always been great fun to look for new artistic inspirations for me. Toilet paper, a roll, a tissue handkerchief or a paper napkin can be removed from their usual context and become unexpected and surprising creative media. This is how the Lucart calendar was born, a combination of the true nature of the products - hygiene solutions - and an awesome emotional interpretation".

Illustrator and graphic designer Lucio Schiavon was born in Venice. He has worked with Fabrica, La Biennale di Venezia and Agenzia Armando Testa. He illustrates books for the Nuages publishing house in Milan. His works have been exhibited at the Fondazione Bevilacqua La Masa. He won International Motion art Award in New York and Interfilm Festival Short Movie in Berlin 2015 with two animated short films.
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