14 July 2023

Lucart at the test of maturity: the data of the 18th Sustainability Report

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On 28 June, on the occasion of the celebration event for its 70th anniversary, Lucart, the multinational paper group, presented the results of the 18th Sustainability Report. The document, drawn up in accordance with the international guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI Standard), highlights a 31% growth in turnover which, at the end of 2022, will exceed 717 million euros.

A success that testifies to the prosperity of a company that has always been driven by the desire to promote a sustainable way of producing paper by focusing on a systemic approach, aimed at creating value for all its stakeholders.

The environmental goals

Also for 2022, the Report gives ample space to the targets for reducing environmental impacts:

  • the reduction of specific emissions of CO2 and NOx by 11% and 19.6% respectively (vs 2021)

  • improvement in the use of water resources. Water consumption per ton of paper produced fell by 5.9% compared to 2021

  • the achievement of 56% of recycled fibrous raw materials used for the manufacture of paper (in line with the target of 60% set for 2030) and 81.2% of waste sent for recovery compared to the total waste produced.

The results of Lucart's 2022 Sustainability Report testify to our constant commitment to a more sustainable future. Through continuous and targeted investments, we are redefining the boundaries of sustainability in the paper industry” comments Massimo Pasquini, CEO of Lucart. "There are few Italian companies that can boast of reporting their commitment for 18 years: we can now define ourselves as a mature company and we will continue to drive change, promoting the circular economy and adopting responsible practices to reduce the environmental impact."