23 November 2021

Logistica Uno for Lucart: all aboard!

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When setting off on an adventure, the travel mates need to agree on where they want to go but even more importantly also how to get there and on the idea of the trip itself, the expectations, priorities, objectives and the desire to get involved in a common experience. Logistics adventures are no exception and each project must be the result of synergy.

With this in mind, Lucart has joined in a partnership with Logistica Uno, a logistics provider offering warehousing, transport and distribution services in Italy and Europe, to develop an intermodal project on the Diecimo-Trento route. 

The project in detail

Logistica Uno manages an advanced stock for Lucart at the Interbrennero intermodal terminal in Trento supplied by a round-trip train connection with the Porcari plant for transporting 1,600 tonnes of paper products for a total of 1,000 kilometres in both directions.

The goods arriving from Diecimo are unloaded from the train and allocated to the warehouse managed by Logistica Uno inside the intermodal terminal, where they are prepared for delivery to the distribution network of nine retail customer platforms, through a consortium of local carriers.

"This operation perfectly fits with the corporate mission of Lucart”, says Giovanni Illibato, Lucart Chief Supply Chain Officer. “Intermodality is a way of limiting the environmental impact of transport activities and part of our company DNA. For instance, the plant in Diecimo (Lucca) covering an area of 250,000 square metres and with a production capacity of over 100,000 tonnes has had a railway link since 1997. Over the years, we have developed and consolidated train connections for raw materials arriving from the port of Livorno and finished products directed to the south of Italy (Campania, Puglia and Sicily)".