26 January 2016

Environmental education: the Scarty project

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Respect for the environment starts at school. For this reason, we have chosen to join the "Scarty" project, the game chosen as an educational tool to raise awareness of good practices in waste sorting by children and families, aimed at primary schools in the Lucca area, as an educational sponsor.

We created a card game to effectively educate and inform children who can learn through play while having fun. For the project we teamed up with Sistema Ambiente that provides rubbish collection services in the City of Lucca, for the disposal of Tetra Pak® beverage cartons to reward the most exemplary youngsters in waste sorting who took part in the initiative.

In the scope of the educational project, the children also featured in a video, shot in our Diecimo plant, in which they told about the phases of recycling beverage cartons to be converted into new paper products. Finally, after a series of questionnaires on the subject of paper recycling published in various local newspapers, the class that scored the highest number of correct answers received a special prize.


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