16 May 2017

Agreement between Lucart and GE Oil & Gas

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GE Oil & Gas and Lucart have signed an agreement to supply two new NovaLT12 gas turbines for combined heat and power (CHP).
The use of the new turbines for on-site power and heat production, the first application for the paper industry, will bring benefits in terms of both production efficiency and environmental impact. The turbines were installed at the Diecimo and Porcari plants in the province of Lucca.

"The installation of the NovaLT12 turbines at Lucart is another practical example of our production and technological capabilities, in the energy market as a whole and not only in the oil & gas sector. At the same time, it is the result of our commitment to continue to innovate and improve our products, through investments in research and development", commented Michele Stangarone, President and CEO Europe of GE Oil & Gas.  "I am particularly proud that this project was developed within the scope of a consolidated partnership with Lucart, in being since 1988. This collaboration has allowed us to develop the best possible solution, perfectly suited to the specific needs of our customer".

"We were the first company in the sector to focus on self-production of electricity and steam with cogeneration turbines to reduce carbon dioxide emissions at our plants and today we are continuing along the path of efficiency improvement of our production facilities", said Massimo Pasquini, CEO of Lucart. "GE Oil & Gas Nuovo Pignone has been our time-honoured technological partner since 1988 and as a result of this new investment that will involve the plants of Diecimo and Porcari we will be able to continue our business plan. The use of these new technologies will not only increase the efficiency of our plants, but will also reduce CO2 and nitrogen oxide emissions, helping us to contain our impact on the environment. We are convinced that the partnership with GE Oil & Gas will continue and become even more strategic".

In addition to the two turbines, the agreement signed also includes the GE Oil & Gas digital solutions for machine monitoring and maintenance, up to 140,000 hours of operation each. Both units will be operational by the summer of 2020.
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