08 October 2019

A delegation from Tetra Pak® visited the Lucart plant in Diecimo to bolster the collaboration between the two companies

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A delegation from the food processing and packaging solutions leader Tetra Pak®, visited the Lucart plant in Diecimo to learn more about how their beverage cartons are recycled. The delegation of managers and directors from various European countries was led by Sara De Simoni, Vice President Equipment Engineering of Tetra Pak®. In the Diecimo Lucart plant, Lucart produces Fiberpack® paper obtained from the recycling of beverage cartons, used to make high-quality, EU Ecolabel and FSC® certified tissue paper products, and a material made of polyethylene and aluminium called Al.Pe.®, that Lucart uses for the production of tissue paper and dispensers in public bathrooms as well as pallets for transporting goods.

The recovery of beverage cartons and the creation of these two new materials are the result of a project launched in 2010 in collaboration with Tetra Pak® called “Natural”.This project allowed Lucart to recover more than 4.4 billion beverage cartons from 2013 to 2018 and fits perfectly into the circular economic development framework of the group designed by Brussels and the new directives on the matter, and in particular SDG (Sustainable Development Goal) number 17, aimed at revitalising the global partnership for sustainable development.

"We are very pleased of this visit by representatives of the multinational Tetra Pak®,, to whom I express my appreciation on behalf of the entire company", commented Guido Pasquini, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer of Lucart. "This meeting was an important moment for us to exchange information and expertise and to confirm that the strategic partnership undertaken with Tetra Pak®, with which we share values and a common vision of the future, is fundamental in achieving one of our main objectives, namely the promotion of sustainable growth and the circular economy aimed at ensuring respect for the environment and the well-being of people. I am sure that this meeting will give rise to other future common initiatives".

"Our work to promote and facilitate recycling involves the entire value chain, from consumer awareness, collection and sorting, to recycling and finally to the market, and is fundamental because if one element does not work, it has a negative impact on everything else", said Sara De Simoni, Vice President Equipment Engineering of Tetra Pak®. "Our visit to the Lucart plant was aimed at consolidating the progress made to date, deepening our collaboration and studying how to improve our recycling process from the design stage".

The commitment of both companies to accelerate the transition from a linear to a circular economy and to implement high-level projects that bring practical benefits to the environment is also demonstrated by their membership of the network CE100, the pre-competitive innovation programme created by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation.
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