09 October 2019

Lucart continues to focus on sustainability with the new recycled and recyclable packaging of the Natural lines developed in the company’s research centre

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Lucart, the European leader in the production of tissue, airlaid and MG paper for flexible packaging, is continuing to aim at sustainability and the research for eco-friendly, innovative solutions to reduce the environmental impact of its products.

The products of the Grazie Natural line for domestic consumption and the products of the EcoNatural line for professional markets are even more eco-friendly with the new packaging made of recycled and recyclable paper, designed for a more sustainable choice and closer to nature.

With the new paper packaging the company wants to contribute to the general policy of reducing the use of virgin plastic materials, replacing them with eco-compatible and recycled packaging. This goal is an extremely important one considering that 570 thousand tonnes of plastic end up in the waters of the Mediterranean Sea every year, that is equivalent to throwing 33,800 plastic bottles into the sea a minute.

“Consumers are increasingly aware of the importance of making sustainable choices when it comes to purchasing products and are constantly looking for practical actions to be taken in daily life to help save the planet, but we must help them", said Guido Pasquini, Sales and Marketing Director of Lucart. "That is why we are gradually aiming to replace the plastic packaging of our products with flexible packaging made of recycled and recyclable paper of our own production. We are particularly proud of this project also because it is the result of great teamwork. Our R&D department, by applying the principles of collaboration at the basis of the circular economy, has connected the Porcari (Lucca-Italy) plant, our time-honoured production hub of paper for flexible packaging, with the needs of the other plants of the group dedicated to the production of hygienic paper items, sharing the objectives and overcoming the technical difficulties in the development of paper and the use of printing inks. The ink is also compostable and biodegradable.

The products of the Natural lines, the only ones on the market obtained by recycling Tetra Pak® type beverage cartons and "lovingly wrapped" with recycled and recyclable paper packaging, offer our customers a concrete solution to make their contribution to environmental protection".

The growing interest of consumers in issues related to sustainability and more responsible choices towards the environment is also highlighted by recent data. According to the Pro Carton European Consumer Packaging Perceptions study, no fewer than 75% of Italian consumers say that the environmental impact of the packaging of a product influences their purchasing decisions..


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