28 May 2024

New social campaign for Grazie EcoNatural, an appeal to choose concrete and tangible sustainability

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The new social campaign for Grazie EcoNatural, the brand that produces 100% recycled paper products for hygiene and personal care was launched on Facebook (Grazie EcoNatural) and Instagram (grazie_econatural) on 15 May.

The campaign, created by the Caffeina agency, is entirely dedicated to the brand's values and invites consumers to become SosteNinjas, ready to spread the most effective actions to help the environment.

"Sustainability has always been at the heart of every strategy at Lucart and this is particularly true for Grazie EcoNatural", said Giovanni Monti, Lucart's Corporate Sales & Marketing Director Consumer. "The brand is Lucart's flagship because it perfectly embodies all the company's values. The new communication campaign focuses on this aspect, highlighting the importance of each small daily action to protect our planet".

"Sustainability guides the choices of Caffeina every day. With this common mission in mind that we have collaborated with Grazie EcoNatural to create a campaign that offers a practical approach to issues that are all too often just theoretical", said Antonio Marella, COO & Founder of Caffeina. "With the SosteNinja campaign we want to speak to the present and use the language of digital channels to convey the message that our small, everyday actions can make a difference". 

The social campaign is also tailored to the French market, where the Grazie EcoNatural brand has significant sales volumes and meets consumers with a strong focus on environmental issues.