23 September 2021

Lucart wins “Hungarian Sustainability Symbol” award

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The jury panel of the contest organised by Superbrands named Lucart as a "Hungarian Sustainability Symbol" for EcoNatural, the innovative project that saves trees and reduces CO2 emissions by recycling beverage cartons.

The Superbrands research team shortlists the best brands operating in Hungary picking them from a constantly updated database of professionally sound businesses.

An independent commission then chooses the candidates, picks the winners and awards the prizes.

The jury panel named Lucart for EcoNatural, the ambitious project that recovers materials from beverage cartons and recycles them in an innovative PAPER+DISPENSER system.

A technologically innovative production process without the use of substances harmful to humans or the environment is used to break down the beverage cartons into their basic components, specifically cellulose fibres, polyethylene and aluminium.

Lucart uses the cellulose fibres to make Fiberpack®, the raw material for manufacturing superior paper products with EU Ecolabel and FSC® Recycled certification under the Lucart Professional EcoNatural and Grazie Natural brands.

The aluminium and polyethylene are used to make Al.Pe.® material used to make paper dispensing systems, pallets for transporting goods and other commonly used products, all of which are recycled that can be recycled again at the end of their life.
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