30 March 2023

Lucart strengthens its presence in France with a new logistics centre

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Lucart strengthens its presence in France with a new logistics centre. The paper group from Lucca announces the acquisition of a new logistics centre in Saint-Diè-des-Vosges, in the commercial area of ​​Hellieule. Operational from the first quarter of 2024, the new site will make it possible to improve the storage and shipping capacities of the Lucart products manufactured in the Laval-sur-Vologne plant. This acquisition marks the first step in the implementation of the investment plan in the Vosges intended by Lucart for the coming years.

The new logistics centre

The new logistics centre in Saint-Diè-des-Vosges consists of a 22,000m2 building built on 10 hectares of land with a storage capacity of 20,000 column pallets. The site was created with the aim of concentrating the finished product stock before being shipped to customers in France, but also in Germany, the Benelux and Northern Europe.

The acquisition of this new site marks the turning point in our development project. The new operational headquarters will work in synergy with the Laval-sur-Vologne plant, but adaptation work will be required before it goes into operation to meet the operational requirements useful for our activities.”, said Alessandro Pasquini, President of the French branch of Lucart.In fact, we want to guarantee the highest quality standards in terms of customer service
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