24 Februar 2023

Lucart, the park created together with Green Heroes opened in San Giuseppe Jato

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Lucart, the park created together with Green Heroes opened in San Giuseppe Jato. The Parco della Legalità (“Legality Park”) was opened on 11 January in San Giuseppe Jato, near Palermo, and dedicated to Giuseppe di Matteo, a young victim of the Sicilian Mafia, on land confiscated from the criminals.

The urban park has 260 trees and is the result of a collaboration between Lucart, Alessandro Gassman's Green Heroes and the Kyoto Club, twenty organisations that have joined forces and are committed every day to driving the economy and creating employment by focusing on social responsibility, environmental protection and enhancement (Alisea, Andriani, Arte Agricola, AzzeroCO2, Banca Etica, Bikesquare, Consorzio CIC, ÈNostra, Cooperativa Felici da matti, Gees Recycling, Le GreenHouse, Lucart, Negozio Leggero, Officina Naturae, Palm, Piante Faro, Power Cruise Control, Studio Fieschi, Sumus Italia, Teon).

The initiative stems from the project entitled “Producing the future with feet on the ground - the green economy grows with social sustainability” presented last November during the Ecomondo trade fair in Rimini.

The urban park was created by AzzeroCO2, with the practical support of the Palermo-based social cooperative Placido Rizzotto (part of the Libera Terra circuit) that will maintain the area for the next two years to ensure good plant growth.

Once again, Lucart has reasserted its commitment to building a valuable future, contributing to the growth of a community by fostering social and environmental justice.
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