Lucart Group


Lucart Professional products classify as supplies that satisfy the strict eco-sustainable criteria established by Green Key. The example of EcoNatural, 100% sustainable and ecological tissue paper.


Green Key

Lucart Group, the multinational group which is one of the leading producers of paper and tissue products in Europe, and Green Key, an international ecological label, have joined forces in a collaboration that aims to increase the use of really ecological products by European tourist structures.

Green Key, recognised by WTO (World Tourism Organisation) and by UNEP (United Nations Environment Programme), certifies hotels, campsites, small accommodations, tourist attractions and restaurants that choose supplies that fulfil strict eco-sustainable criteria, and Lucart Professional products classify as such.

Green Key is the largest international certification dedicated to accommodation facilities and is one of the five international programmes run by the non-governmental organisation FEE (Foundation for Environmental Education) aimed at promoting sustainable development through environmental education.

Specifically, Lucart Professional (the Lucart Group division dedicated to the Away from Home sector and market leader for over 10 years) classifies as one of the supplies that fulfil the requisites required by Green Key. The ideal example is the EcoNatural products line, 100% sustainable and ecological tissue paper produced with Fiberpack®, a material that comes from recycling the cellulose fibres contained in beverage cartons.
Lucart Professional products are certified with the major ecological quality and forest certification labels. In particular, the production process of EcoNatural products uses an innovative technology: through a physical-mechanical action, the cellulose fibres found in the containers in beverage cartons are separated from the polyethylene and from the aluminium without the use of substances that are harmful to man or the environment.
Accommodation facilities obtaining the Green Key environmental quality label are part of an international network that identifies them as ecological and attentive to the protection and promotion of their territory, in a sustainable manner.

The development strategy of the Lucart Group is based on a clear mission "To excel in the production of quality paper, listening to the needs of the market and nature." These are the values that inspired the Lucart Professional EcoNatural line.
Massimo Pasquini, CEO of Lucart, affirms: ‘Our objective is to adopt models of development that respect and protect human rights, the Earth's regenerative capacities and the well-being of the community. All of the Group's employees are required to observe moral, fair, impartial and respectful conduct. We believe that only by respecting these principles in our everyday activities, it will be possible to build solid foundations to guarantee healthy and long-lasting growth in business’.
Finn Bolding Thomsen, International Director of Green Key, adds: ‘After having visited the Lucart production facility in Italy, I was impressed by the technical innovations in use and the quality of the products. I am very confident in recommending these products to all of the owners of Green Key certified facilities’.