Lucart Group

Our history

Our tradition has become our future

Lucart Group has a history that goes back to the 30's when the Pasquini family decided to set up a paper production factory in Villa Basilica (Lucca).

At the beginning, production was mainly focused on one-side glazed paper for flexible packaging, table-covers and placemats. Subsequently, at the end of the 80's, the Group diversified its activity entering also the tissue market (kitchen rolls, hand towels, wipers, toilet paper, napkins etc.).

The main events that have constituted the Group development are:


The foundation of Cartiera Lucchese of F.lli Pasquini snc

1966 The start up of PM1 in the new plant of Porcari (Lucca), where now Cartiera Lucchese spa has its headquarters
1976  The start up of PM2 in the plant of Porcari (Lucca)
1983 The start up of PM3 in the plant of Porcari (Lucca)
1987 The start up of PM4 in the plant of Porcari (Lucca), our first paper machine for tissue production
1988 The acquisition of the plant in Diecimo (Lucca)
1990  The start up of PM5 in the plant of Diecimo (Lucca)
1991 The start up of PM6 in the plant of Diecimo (Lucca)
1993 The establishment of Cartiera Lucchese France, commercial company for the management of French customers
1996 The start up of PM7 and of the deinking plant in Diecimo (Lucca)
1997 The birth of Eco Lucart, the first line of tissue products in the world to use MaterBi packaging (biodegradable plastic)
1998 The establishment of Lucart Iberica, commercial company for the management of Spanish/Portuguese customers.The establishment of Lucart France with the foundation of the Troyes plant. Cartiera Lucchese is the first Italian company to obtain the EU "Ecolabel".
2001 The start up of PM8 in the Troyes plant.The start up, in the Troyes plant, of the first embossing group in the world with the technology "goffra-incolla".
2006 The Diecimo plant obtains the environmental certification EMAS. The launching of Hygenius Toilet, the first automatic cutting toilet paper dispenser.
2007 The establishment of Fato Professional srl, company that took over the management of Fato Italia srl, leader in the production of coloured and decorated table covers and napkins.
The launching of the first toilet paper pack of 2 super-maxi rolls, one on top of the other (2 super-maxi rolls = 8 traditional rolls).
2008 The establishment of Novatissue sas, the company that took over Novacare sa tissue branch
2009 The adoption of the name Lucart Group (in place of Cartiera Lucchese Group), to identify the Group of companies that refer to the head company Cartiera Lucchese spa.
2010 In Diecimo the new and unique system in Italy is introduced for the production of 100% ecological paper from cellulose fibres present in Tetra Pak cartons.
2011 Cartiera Lucchese S.p.A. obtains the BS OHSAS 18001:2007 certificate (British Standard Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series). In Laval sur Vologne (Novatissue) the second system is introduced for the recycling of Tetra Pak cartons, similar to the one in Diecimo. The brands Eco Natural Lucart (Professional Market) and Grazie Natural Lucart (Consumer Market) are launched.
2012 Acquisition of Georgia-Pacific Italia srl: with this agreement Cartiera Lucchese spa becomes the owner of the Italian plants of Castelnuovo Garfagnana (LU) and Avigliano (PZ), of the administrative offices in Genova and acquires the Tenderly and Tutto brands in Italy and in all the countries worlwide. At the same time Georgia-Pacific Italia srl changes its company name into Airtissue srl.
2013 Merger of all Italian companies into Lucart spa.
Relaunching of Tenderly and Tutto Pannocarta brands.
2016 Lucart Group acquires Bokk Paper KFT.
  • Porcari
  • Diecimo
  • Torre di Mosto
  • Avigliano
  • Castelnuovo di Garfagnana
  • Laval