Lucart Group

Mission, Vision & Values

To create new business models

The Lucart Group development strategy is based on a clear "mission", which sets product quality and attention to customers and to the environment as the main Group objectives. A far-sighted "vision" that drives us to deserve our customers' confidence; the respect of sound, ethical and entrepreneurial "values" that are the guidelines to all our strategic choices.

Thanks to all this, Lucart Group has grown year after year, becoming the leading company in most of our reference markets.


To excel in the production of high quality paper in accordance with market and environment requirements.


We want to be the reference partner for all our customers in the various markets we operate in, standing out for the quality, professionalism and reliability of our work.


  • Professionalism.

    A far-sighted strategy must be based on professionalism, competence, seriousness and correctness.

  • Quality

    Quality excellence for products and services, obtained also through the continuous research in innovation, is the best way to guarantee a high level of customer satisfaction.

  • Responsibility

    A modern entrepreneurial activity must follow a responsible development model that guarantees the respect of rights and regulations, personnel training and enhancement, the safety and well-being of the working environment.

  • Sustainability

    The constant commitment to reducing the environmental impact throughout the whole production process and the promotion of a more rational use of virgin as well as recycled fibre pulp according to the end use of the finished product.

  • Profitability

    The creation of value for the customers, employees and shareholders to guarantee continuity and growth of our Group.